Former New York Mayor Giuliani Joining Trump Legal Team

Ann Santiago
April 21, 2018

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani introduces Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 18, 2016.

The mainstream legal world appeared to continue to want to keep Trump at arm's length on Thursday.

The former mayor said he was going to get whatever Mueller requires for the rest of the investigation and he would try to provide whatever is asked of him quickly so the investigation could be completed as soon as possible. He praised the team and said sometimes a fresh perspective helps.

Giuliani, 73, brings a familiarity with several of the legal fronts that Trump is navigating. The same parallel could be drawn with Trump opting to bring Giuliani, a New Yorker of a combative nature, into a team of diplomatic Washington lawyers. Having exhausted his Rolodex of sycophants in less than two years, apparently, Donald Trump has begun the process of going through it a second time to see who will debase themselves again.

"I'm not involved in anything about those issues".

The US president has been trying to decide if he should sit for questioning by Mueller's team.

Giuliani worked as a prosecutor in the '80s.

Giuliani said he formalized his decision in recent days, including over dinner last week at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The reshuffling comes at a particularly tense juncture for Trump, who aides said is increasingly frustrated by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and with the senior officials at the Justice Department.

Discussions with Mueller's team have been in "limbo", since then, according to a source with knowledge. He was considered for a job in Trump's Cabinet but was ultimately passed over.

Barbara McQuade, a former USA attorney from eastern MI in the Obama administration, said Giuliani had "the experience and knowledge to advise the president in a federal criminal investigation".

He hopes the addition of Giuliani silences his critics.

Giuliani was also a vice chairman of the Trump transition team, whose activities have come under scrutiny by Mueller's investigators, and he also agreed to serve as a cybersecurity adviser to the Trump administration, although there have been few signs of his involvement on that front. "And now you're really looking at a real bullet".

He said that other members of his team were "poking fun" at him for not deciding to investigate Giuliani before Thursday.

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