Ex-'Playboy' Model Settles Suit With 'National Enquirer' Over Alleged Trump Affair

Oscar Cross
April 21, 2018

Ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal has reached an agreement with tabloid news company American Media Inc. regarding the contract they made about her alleged affair with Donald J. Trump. She initially sold her story to AMI for $150,000, but it never published her claims.

While the settlement protects Trump being drawn into legal battles surrounding efforts to buy McDougal's silence on the alleged affair, it does not offer the same protections to Cohen or Davidson.

Karen McDougal's settlement with the company that owns the National Enquirer "restores to me the rights to my life story and frees me from this contract that I was misled into signing almost two years ago", she said in a statement Wednesday. In McDougal's case, though, it appears that her relationship with Trump was much more involved, and lasted far longer than his relationship with Daniels, which took place at almost the same time as he was allegedly involved with McDougal.

McDougal's lawyer, Peter Stris, said this latest agreement "makes right the wrongs that had been perpetrated against her".

Because of the settlement AMI just reached today with McDougal, they don't have to turn over any internal documents, at least in regards to this particular case.

An ex-Playboy model is now free to discuss her relationship with Donald Trump.

AMI had asked the court to dismiss McDougal's complaint, arguing that the deal was protected under the First Amendment.

She met with a senior executive of American Media, who after interviewing her said the tabloid had no interest in purchasing her story.

The company, which wrote in a statement that McDougal "has always been free to talk about her relationship with President Trump", has consistently denied wrongdoing, characterizing the decision not to publish her account of her affair with Trump as purely an editorial one, and that the contract primarily constituted a partnership to produce fitness content for other titles in the company's portfolio.

Underneath the bargain, AMI said it'd have the right to get to75,000 of any profits by the sale of her narrative. By this time, Trump was said to be married to then Slovenian model Melania Knauss for two years. Cameron Stracher, general counsel for AMI, said the company intends for McDougal to appear on the September 2018 issue of the magazine. AMI will also retain the rights to photographs it already has of McDougal.

In a separate interview, Ms. McDougal expressed elation about the end of her "wild ride", and said she now had no plans to sell the rights to her story to a new buyer.

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