Sean Hannity Accused Of Stealing His Legal Strategy From 'Breaking Bad'

Oscar Cross
April 17, 2018

Kimmel wondered. "Unless maybe Sean Hannity was thinking about suing himself?"

Jimmy Kimmel just couldn't resist.

In a court filing Sunday night, lawyers for Mr Trump asked to be allowed to review documents that in any way relate to the president.

"We may never know, but it doesn't matter what Cohen was doing for (Hannity)", Colbert continued.

"I have known Michael a long, long time", he continued.

Jimmy Kimmel, who recently had a public feud with Hannity following a skit on his Jimmy Kimmel Live! show which mocked First Lady Melania Trump's accent drew the ire of the Fox News host and many critics on social media, quickly jumped on the link between Cohen and Hannity.

On his radio program, Hannity said his conversations with Cohen "dealt nearly exclusively about real estate".

For example,, an unreliable site now being sued for defamation after accusing an innocent person of being the suspect accused of killing a counter-protester at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, published a story with the extraordinarily misleading headline, "BREAKING: Sean Hannity Responds After Deep State Alleges He Was Michael Cohen's 3rd Client". Stormy Daniels - the porn actress who alleged she had a sexual affair with the president - made an appearance, stumbling on her high heels as she was swarmed by press.

Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, told the court that Cohen had only three clients - Trump, Elliott Broidy, a prominent Los Angeles-based Republican fundraiser, and a third whom he declined to name.

Noah called out Hannity for being "unethical" for not divulging his relationship with Cohen.

"Which, even for Sean Hannity is pretty shady", Noah said. "They'll be like 'drink tummy tea, by the way, I'm sponsored by tummy tea'". Hannity's connection to Cohen was revealed after the conservative commentator - one of Trump's staunchest defenders - fiercely criticized federal officials for the raids, without disclosing his own connection.

"I understand that, and you should've said that", Dershowitz, an opinion contributor for The Hill, replied.

Colbert really, really enjoyed himself.

Suddenly, Wood's decision to force Cohen to disclose his clients becomes clear. He reappeared slouching in an armchair, drinking a glass of red wine, rubbing his stomach, seemingly experiencing pure bliss.

"Jon Stewart, after the show I'm going to come over and we're just going to spoon", Colbert said, referring to his old "Daily Show" boss. But what's worse, is that this could potentially hurt the image of Fox News by having a host continue to report on the Trump presidency while having a relationship with his attorney.

Cooper made reference to the Fox News motto in summing up his view of Hannity's ethical conundrum.

Interestingly enough, this is precisely what the government argued in favor of the disclosure of Cohen's communications with other purported clients.

Ahead of Colbert's interview with James Comey, the comedian also spoofed ABC's melodramatic teaser for its highly anticipated interview with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, which aired Sunday. In January 2017, shortly before the inaugural, Cohen was a guest on Hannity's radio show. Sometimes Trump praises Hannity in return.

"That sounds normal. He has a lawyer he doesn't pay", Kimmel joked.

However, Hannity has previously described Cohen as a friend. And Hannity's viewers are not typical news viewers - people who watch nearly any other show would likely feel lied to when they learned something like this had not been disclosed to them, but Hannity's want him to have this kind of relationship with Trumpworld.

On Twitter, Hannity emphasized that he had never paid Cohen for legal services and that they "never discussed anything that involved any third party".

He says he never formally retained Mr Cohen or received a bill from him.

According to Hannity, he never dealt with Cohen on matters between him and a "third-party".

But it was the revelation of Cohen's legal relationship with Hannity, who has frequently assailed the investigation into Cohen on the air, that sent shockwaves through the NY courtroom and Washington.

Prosecutors say that material should be reviewed by a team of Justice Department lawyers independent from the investigation who could identify records that should remain confidential.

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