Google to launch a redesigned version of Gmail

Kelley Robertson
April 14, 2018

Leaked screenshots reveal what's in store for browser users, including a number of new features that are now only available inside Google's mobile apps. Google might just be putting together what looks like a new edition of its popular Chromecast 4K streaming media dongle. After following up on this news, TechCrunch obtained a series of screenshots revealing the service's upcoming design. However, we can't get overly excited yet, considering we -the general public, are not meant to know about the new Gmail format. It has also been noticed that the recipients will need to log into their Google account once again to view the email at their end. The update adds the ability Snooze messages, removing them from your inbox and re-inserting them at a more convenient later time. Since then, Google has confirmed to TNW a redesign is on the way. The app takes up less space on your phone and uses less data. You can just tap this calendar panel, check the date, and reply back to the email.

On the right, there's a sidebar that can be used to display info from Google Calendar, Google's note-taking app Keep, or a handful of various tasks.

The redesign also adds icons to the left of the various sections of Gmail, listed on the lefthand side of the page.

The new Gmail, which is now being tested internally and with trusted Google partners, is a great deal prettier than the version web users are currently accustomed to. The new features will be made available to regular G Suite users as well its paid customers as part of an early adopter program in a few weeks time. The main objective of the new design is to give users, a much more consistent user experience. Google does constantly warn that Labs features "may change, break or disappear at any time".

'We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)', a Google spokesperson told MailOnline. In addition, there will be the features like "Smart Replies" with that delivers mechanical replies (powered by machine-learning concept) to the email accounts, which can be delivered with one click.

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