The Undertaker Spotted In NOLA Ahead Of WrestleMania

Arnold Nichols
April 10, 2018

One can't help but wonder what's next for John Cena now that he's been definitively defeated by The Deadman, but he recently took to Twitter to share a cryptic video following the loss.

Not only did the Undertaker answer Cena's WrestleMania challenge but he decimated the 16-time WWE Champion.

John Cena had on several occasions publicly sought to draw out the legendary wrestler, challenging him to come out of his retirement to fight him at the Wrestlemenia. The Undertaker went on to beat Cena within 5 minute at the Wrestlemenia.

Then after Cena left the ring and headed towards backstage, when suddenly lights went off and came the gong and takers hat, gloves and coat at the same place where he left it in previous year WrestleMania.

WWE did their best to keep us on our toes, but when Cena was yanked from the stands an ran backstage, we knew the fix was in. For now, however, his story simple: John Cena is a fan. He then delivered a chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver, propelling him to victory. He sat through the opening matches and the kick-off matches enjoying the action.

Cena played himself from the start.

Cena's befuddlement continued as he trundled up the ramp, but just as it appeared The Deadman has chosen to stay dead, the lights went out. You may not see him, but John Cena is already among the people as a fan, and he looks pretty happy to be there.

It is now unclear whether The Undertaker has come out of retirement, but ending his career with a victory over Cena would certainly be a fitting way to go out.

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