A Quiet Place 'Was Never Going To Be' A Cloverfield Movie

Oscar Cross
April 10, 2018

John Krasinski's latest directing effort, "A Quiet Place", scored a huge $50 million opening weekend for Paramount over the weekend thanks to its frightening premise: monsters that kill anything that makes a sound. A Clover Place? Because we would probably have gone with something like A Cloverfield, Covered with Sand, Because That's Quieter (To Walk On). Horror movies aren't known for legs but they also aren't known for large budgets.

"We live in a world now where you see all these movies, like Marvel movies, and there's so much sound going on, so many explosions", Krasinski said in another interview, to New York Times. It's clear that Krasinski cares deeply for the people he's conjured up, and I found myself really connecting with this family because of this, even though I didn't know a single one of their names or backstories. Few actors can move beyond their most iconic roles as well as Krasinski can; he merged with the character well, leaving no semblance of the goofy and lovable office prankster Halpert through the courage and ruggedness of his performance in A Quiet Place. The movie - which barely earned $1 million dollars in limited release - scored only 45% positive reviews, though it once again attracted a stellar cast (Sharlto Copley, Charlie Day, Anna Kendrick, Richard Jenkins and Margo Martindale).

Maybe he isn't the best writer or director, or maybe he can't ever be fully confident only controlling part of the puzzle.

Given the unusual marketing strategies of previous Cloverfield movies, the theory seemed somewhat plausible, but A Quiet Place itself has no ties to the series. Because of its emotional core, the film is fundamentally unlike other typified examples within its genre and exists in the contemporary horror space emblemized by films such as "The Witch", "It Follows" and "Get Out".

John Krasinski has spent a lot of time watching "The Devil Wears Prada" over the years, and it's not just because he's married to its star Emily Blunt. A Quiet Place won't be quite as leggy; its story has real substance in its paternal narrative but that's not quite as major as the social importance that made Get Out a cultural phenomenon. So I don't even know if this is something that he would want.

Ultimately, Krasinski's horror debut was a fantastic success.

"A Quiet Place" is now playing at UA Berkeley 7. But in this movie that screaming is what's bound to get a person noticed, and then subsequently killed. The Warner Bros' film has been a strong contender overseas, where it has made $294.4-million.

The producers of A Quiet Place state the movie was never meant to be a Cloverfield sequel.

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