Koreas Hold Preparatory Talks Ahead of Landmark Summit

Muriel Hammond
April 7, 2018

Kim's nukes have become rapidly more risky over the past few years, firing scores of missiles and last year and detonating an H-bomb.

A separate summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump is expected by the end of May.

Chinese officials were not immediately able to comment.

Here's North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at what was said to be a missile test last May.

"We had a discussion [with our North Korean counterparts] in earnest to make the upcoming summit successful", said Kwon without elaborating.

Wang told Ri that Xi and Kim had reached an important consensus on achieving a peaceful resolution to the peninsula nuclear issue during Kim's visit to Beijing, his first known trip outside North Korea since he assumed power in 2011.

Another source in Dangdong, the Chinese border town, reported the arrival of busloads of young female workers from North Korea.

Any use of such long-range weapons would lead to "devastating military consequences", the report said.

Kim's predecessors, grandfather Kim Il-sung and father Kim Jong-il, both promised not to pursue nuclear weapons but secretly maintained programs to develop them, culminating in the North's first nuclear test in 2006 under Kim Jong-il.

North Korea has said in previous talks that it could consider giving up its nuclear arsenal if the United States removed its troops from South Korea and withdrew its so-called nuclear umbrella of deterrence from South Korea and Japan.

"Kim Jong-un seems to see such weapons as insurance against any threat to his regime's survival", the report noted.

Despite the doomsday scenario, the Defence Committee claimed the crack pot dictator was still rational and could be reasoned with.

A government minister gave the assessment to a parliamentary committee earlier this year as part of its efforts to assess Kim Jong Un's ability to precipitate a nuclear war.

The committee, which took evidence from the MoD and the Foreign Office among others, suggests that cyber-attacks originating from North Korea pose a more immediate threat to the UK.

"With North Korea unconcerned by who gets hurt when it lashes out, the United Kingdom will continue to be at risk from North Korean cyber-attacks".

Conversations held between Kim and Xi have not been entirely disclosed, but during the summit the North Korean leader may have agreed to return to the six-party talks.

One source in China's Jilin Province said hundreds of North Korean women were seen in the area.

A time and place have not been set for the Trump-Kim meeting to discuss denuclearization.

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