Where to Find Vending Machines in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Muriel Hammond
April 6, 2018

Fortnite, like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is one of the most popular online Battle Royale games out now. The machines will be scattered across the map with Common items selling for 100 materials, Uncommon for 200, Rare for 300, Epic for 400, and Legendary for 500 materials. The locations are now spread out all over the island map and can be accessed on both the interior and shoreline of the island.

Vending Machines come to Fortnite.

Following the latest update, players are now searching frantically for all the Fortnite Vending Machine Locations. Each of the three items in a machine will cost you materials. Epic Games has apologised for the inconvenience and is looking into the issue. These vending machines can be found in every corner of the map.

The 3.4 content update even would introduce a kick off new limited-time mode, a changed and modified version of the explosive weapon-centric playlist High Explosives.

Via a new official post, Epic Games has informed users of a couple of new features and schedule changes coming to Fortnite and its extremely popular Battle Royale multiplayer mode. Just play a match as normal, and you'll probably encounter a Vending Machine pretty quickly.

According to players who have been tracking down the new locations, Vending Machines spawn randomly in certain areas. When you jump from the Battle Bus, just send your group towards places like Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park. There's a random chance of a gnome spawning in a gap in the brick wall, so all you need to do is keep building those walls until they finally show up.

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