Watch a Young Meghan Markle Star in a Tostitos Commercial From 2009

Oscar Cross
April 4, 2018

The book written by a well-known royal biographer also contains claims that Markle is a "social climber,"controlling" and "fastidious". Morton writes, "A networker to her fingertips, she seemed to be recalibrating her life, forging new friendships with those who could develop her career". Their marriage ended so quickly that Markle gave Engelson her wedding ring back via mail.

Markle will marry Harry at a ceremony in Windsor Castle on May 19. "Inspired by the princess, she and Suzy collected clothes and toys for less privileged children", Morton says Markle's friend, Suzy Ardakani, told him. Looking at her past work the designs are going to be lovely.

But even though Harry and Markle will pay their respects to the late princess at their wedding, the floral arrangements are still all about them.

Engleson "went from cherishing Meghan to" - one friend observed to Morton - to "feeling like he was a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe".

According to Morton (via Us Weekly), Markle met Engelson at a bar in Hollywood, and the producer was allegedly responsible for helping her secure a small role in Robert Pattinson's movie Remember Me.

Soon after, Morton writes, their relationship shifted. Considering this is an unauthorised biography, the details given are pretty scarce, and so far everything released hasn't been exactly new news-but honestly, we'll take it all because there's always more to know about a future princess. Markle, who built a sideline as an aspiring lifestyle guru with her blog "The Tig", is a self-confessed perfectionist, which meant she could be fastidious and controlling.

Markle may have been planning to leave her marriage long before the summer of 2013.

Of course, given that Markle's The Tig often included her recommendations for recipes and equipping a home with the best of everything, it's perhaps not surprising that she took her $500 Viking Vitamix with her. Other tidbits recall her role as one of the briefcase girls on Deal or No Deal, and a weird anecdote about a baby Meghan involving her dad, her half-brother's pot-smoking, and a diaper filled with chocolate pudding.

And he has insider insight: Markle has been in Govani's house for several dinner parties when she used to live in Toronto during her time on TV drama Suits!

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