Overwatch Uprising Event Returns For 2018 With A Tease Of Something New

Muriel Hammond
April 2, 2018

Much like last year's event, the story sets up four players in a single team and they will have to fight there way against hordes of Null Sector battle drones, Bastions, and OR14s. There will be over 100 declassified loot box items featuring pieces of the past to unlock, and players will be able to join Tracer on her first mission in the Uprising co-op brawl.

You can look over what was included in last year's Uprising event through the Overwatch website. All players who complete the regular season will receive $10 of Blizzard Balance, regardless of placement. The event also offered several legendary skins and other event-exclusive cosmetic items.

The Uprising event needs to delve into the motives behind Blackwatch, which will subsequently give information on Talon's motives. That the event was revealed with such little fanfare makes clear that a larger reveal is still planned, likely to cover the event's special game mode and any new lore that comes with it. However, it appears that Blizzard has something extra in store. A teaser posted on Twitter (below) mentions King's Row and a declassification date on April 10. You can see a brief teaser video in the tweet below. The event itself will begin April 10th, which will take place within the map King's Row (shocker, right?). It looks like it is glitching out, but what is really happening is that some of the text are being replaced. The Petras Act, which made Overwatch activity illegal, is believed to have gone into effect six years ago - one year after the hinted Blackwatch mission. It's hard to see the name of the file, but one can only assume it's something top secret; i.e, Blackwatch.

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