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Oscar Cross
March 26, 2018

While it is likely that Prince Mohammed could independently learn who were his critics, he may have wanted to let it be known that Kushner shared that information with him in order to show his close relationship with the United States, the unnamed US official said.

During a photo-taking session with the crown prince, Mattis was asked by a reporter whether he would raise concerns about civilian casualties in Yemen.

Kushner has built a relationship with the crown prince and is said to be playing an important role in his visit to the U.S. this week. Prince Mohammed has consolidated power and is likely to rule for many decades if he succeeds his father. "And I miss your father - a special man", he said.

The two leaders had already agreed on a plan for about USD200 billion worth of investments from the Saudi side into United States, which includes large puchases of military equipment from US.

Saudi Arabia's young crown prince has an ambitious list of to-dos: modernise his conservative kingdom, weaken Iran's hand across the Mideast and, this week, rehabilitate his country's image in the eyes of Americans. King Salman is scheduled to visit the United States later this year.

The crown prince, in a rare foray into speaking English, said on Tuesday the Saudi pledge for $200 billion in investments would end up at $400 billion when fully implemented.

In a Persian New Year message on March 20, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country had defused all regional threats against it.

Prince Mohammed dodged a shouted question on the Iran deal, but waxed optimistic about prospects for closer economic ties amid "new waves of opportunities in different areas".

A key focus of his visit will be any information on a potentially lucrative listing of up to 5 percent of Saudi oil firm Aramco.

In addition to meeting with the President, the Saudi leader has meetings with congressional leadership, education leaders in Boston and business leaders in NY.

Trump sounded an ominous note as he looked ahead to a decision in May about whether to stay in the Iran nuclear deal, loathed by both Trump and the Saudis.

The think tank says a new generation of Saudi leaders, "adjusting to what it had seen as a resurgent Iran and a retreating United States, chafed at President Barack Obama while pursuing an aggressive military posture in the region".

"But Iran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately", he said. The senior aide and son-in-law then took an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia in October 2017 as part of his efforts to strike a deal on Middle East peace.

Crown Prince Mohammed and Kushner have forged a close relationship, which has at times come under criticism in Washington for circumventing normal diplomatic channels.

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