Students "March For Our Lives" with calls to end gun violence

Phillip Cunningham
March 25, 2018

I remember finding many flaws in our system, including a lack of funding for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Below is a map that shows events taking place in the US and Canada. That hundreds of rounds, fired at high velocity from military-style weapons created to kill human beings en masse, were raining down on innocent Americans who had gathered to enjoy a country music concert.

Notably, Azar said at a congressional hearing the next day that he supported the research. It was the first Sunday of Lent and for me, it was part of the journey. But with all rights come responsibilities. We can not allow the NRA to win. "I know that feeling where there's a lock-down and it's a real situation".

Now those same kids, and millions like them at schools across the USA, practice active shooter drills on a regular basis.

Organizers say they're marching in solidarity with USA students. Now her students practice how to "duck and cover" from automatic weapons. Legislators tried to stop mass shooting homicides. "They should be controlled and no one should have a military grade gun". "I'm exhausted of telling my mom goodbye and wondering if it's going to be my last time seeing her".

Very much counter-protestors or dissenters were present.

Authorities in the nation's capital said they were taking extra security precautions, in part because numerous protesters are expected to be teenagers.

Hundreds turned out to protest gun violence in York.

Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed
Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

Although America's most famous school massacres have happened at mostly white schools in suburbs or small towns, children of color are at far greater risk of gun violence at school, the Post analysis found. Since then, surviving students have urged lawmakers to restrict the sale of such weapons and take other measures to prevent gun violence.

"We want to make sure that we bless and respect the fact that we are on Kumeyaay land", he said.

Americans are done with politicians who cower to the gun lobby instead of looking out for our kids.

The survivors of the Florida shooting "have created a movement that is going to shift the conversation on gun violence", Gonzalez said. If we all work together, we can build a future where everyone feels safe.

I'm facing our gun violence epidemic head-on by insisting on a comprehensive approach. I wanted to speak out, but I also wanted to better understand the gun laws. "But I said, 'Look at you, at your generation - you all are bringing us hope, '" said Kelly Stone, 54. "I spent time with him every day because we went to the same schools, shared the same friends and we even shared the same room", he said.

Girl Be Heard (, the nonprofit theatre company that develops, amplifies, and celebrates the voices of youth through socially conscious theatre-making, is honored to join Parkland youth on stage Friday and at the march on Saturday.

A Pennsylvania school district has directed its students to arm themselves against school shooters-with rocks.

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