Nigeria failed to act on warnings of mass abduction, report says

Phillip Cunningham
March 21, 2018

Despite deploying his Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), to relocate to Maiduguri to compliment the military effort to rescue the Dapchi abducted school girls from Boko Haram, after returning from medical vocation, the IGP deems it necessary to come to the Northeast and see things for himself.

But Nigerian military authorities, in a ranting response on Tuesday, said no security force was informed that Boko Haram fighters were advancing towards Dapchi for the abduction of schoolgirls, contrary to the claim of AI.

The military also ignored warnings given some hours before almost 300 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram from a boarding school in Chibok, Borno State in 2014, the Amnesty report said.

Nigeria's military denied that any unit had been contacted before or during the abduction and called the allegations and other criticisms from the group an "outright falsehood".

But John Agim, acting director of defence information, who dismissed the claim, challenged AI to release the telephone numbers used to alert the military.

"The revelation by this global body has further reinforced our demand that the National Assembly should immediately conduct an independent, comprehensive and system-wide inquest to unravel the truth about this abduction, as many Nigerians still believe that there is more than meet the eyes in this Dapchi abduction saga,"‎ he said.

The group further said the latest report by AI accusing Nigerian Security Forces of ignoring warnings about an impending invasion of Dapchi, is apparently fabricated, lacks substance and should not be taken serious by Nigerians and anyone at all.

"The Armed Forces of Nigeria is a professional military and has attained the highest form of professionalism in line with worldwide best practices".

According to BBC, Amnesty claim the attack was reported as it happened but still the army failed to respond.

Nigerian Army also took a swipe at Amnesty International stating that it is not proper for the organisation to denigrate the reputation of Nigeria's security forces.

"Within this year, AI issued reports against the military in January 2018, February 2018 and now March 2018 The question is; what is the motive of the AI?"

One of the Dapchi villager who received a phone call said he put a call through to a police sergeant, who promised to inform the Dapchi Division Police Officer (DPO).

Amnesty International urged Nigeria's government to make public the results of its investigation into the mass abduction. Is AI trying to undermine the outcome of this committee? Unfounded and inaccurate reports such as this by AI is completely unacceptable, and only exit in the figment of AI imaginations and should be discountenanced by well meaning Nigerians and Foreign friendly Nations.

The Nigerian army, however, said the Armed Forces of Nigeria is poised to bring the activities of Boko Haram terrorist to a complete end and "no amount of discouraging fabrications aimed at deterring the military from achieving its constitutionally assigned responsibilities". The Defence of our National Territorial Integrity is our utmost goal and as such the Armed Forces in conjunction with sister security agencies will continue to strive towards entrenching peace in the North-East and indeed every part of this great nation.

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