Fortnite Mobile With The New Blitz Mode Is Perfect Toilet Material

Kelley Robertson
March 21, 2018

According to Sensor Tower, even as an invite-only mobile preview, Epic Games managed to pull in a whopping $1.5 million over the first four days after release for IAPs which consist exclusively of cosmetic changes. That's especially true since it's making its way to mobile, where gamers generally expect games to be free and to spend money on them only when they feel it's worthwhile.

According to a Polygon interview with Ben Lewis-Evans, a user experience lead researcher at Epic Games, Fortnite launched with friendly fire enabled, a decision which was quickly walked back after players reported they were being killed by their own teammates for the items they carried. It's not even reached Android just yet, only available on iOS at this point, but when it does come there just imagine how much more money is at stake.

It has been less than a week since popular battle-royale title Fortnite made the transition to mobile devices, but already figures have sky-rocketed for the pocket shooter. The game has also topped the iPhone download charts in over 40 countries, hitting that mark in 13 countries within the first 12 hours of release. Sensor Tower reports that the cosmetic sales of Fortnite are only a third of the revenue that Pokémon GO got in its first 4 days on iOS. The countdown to shrink time begins as soon as the match starts. This one is actually more preferable because you actually don't need to focus entirely on the game, unlike the traditional Battle Royale. That would certainly be helpful in bridging the gap between the mobile version and the console ones as cross-play between them is available. You'd better get out there and get to work.

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