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Kelley Robertson
March 17, 2018

The feature and functionality of these models have surpassed the market trends. As far as user experience features go - the Samsung UI is already pretty feature-rich, so the new base Android doesn't add that much.

The Galaxy Note 9 trademark filing confirms that Samsung is not going to change the Note series' moniker, at least not this year. With the purchase of a single Galaxy S9 unit, you can avail another one absolutely free.

Samsung's Oreo introduction has recently treated the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus to a good helping of features that were previously exclusive to the Note 8.

"According to our understanding of the technologies, under-display fingerprint solutions may now have many technical issues (e.g. screen protectors and different environments affecting recognition rates and power-consumption)", said Kuo's note. The news is that the upcoming flagship mobile will have a 7nm chipset and 5G connectivity as well.

In addition, the report also indicates about the display fingerprint sensor. It's not terribly helpful to use one region's launch to predict when it will appear elsewhere around the globe, but it shows that Samsung is finally confident enough to push an update live - and not take it down immediately.

Kuo still believes Android smartphone manufacturers now prefer face scanning over, under display fingerprint readers. It is also being said that both the companies will introduce next-gen technology but it is also believed that Samsung might fail to meet the deadline.

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