Forget blue arrows, Google Maps lets you navigate as Mario

Kelley Robertson
March 11, 2018

But then on Thursday, YouTube host and streamer Trisha Hershberger was among the first to receive a notification in Google Maps that she could "navigate [her] world as Mario to celebrate Mario Day on March 10th".

Google Kart runs for the rest of the week. This year Google has gotten in on the fun with a neat addition to the Google Maps app.

It's a cosmetic change - being at the head of the queue won't suddenly make you susceptible to a lightning strike inches from home - but it's sort of cute, which is nice.

To access the feature, click on the yellow question mark icon on the bottom right of your Google Maps app. If one picks "Let's-a go!", Mario will join them for the duration of the ride. The event was originally teased a few days ago with a peek at some of Mario's famous items, but has now been officially revealed as the Super Mario Crossover Event. Just watch out for those pesky blue shells.

The new Mario comes as Mario Time for Google Maps for Android and iOS devices. Google has done everything from rendering every map in 8-bit to placing Link as a Street View icon to celebrate the launch of Twilight Princess HD. After this, you should see the Mario on his Kart vehicle instead of auto while navigating the Google Maps.

If that old Nintendo doesn't work, there's another option outside of a 3DS and Switch.

In the meantime, Google Maps and Mario will be here all week in celebration of Mario Kart, with the plumber fist-pumping his way through traffic.

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