Samsung Unveils New QLED TVs that Appear nearly Invisible

Kelley Robertson
March 10, 2018

The Korean tech giant unveiled its new line of futuristic smart TVs on Wednesday and one model can blend in with your wall - just like a chameleon.

Like many other Samsung TVs, the newest QLED models can be used to control compatible smart devices, like voice-activated speakers, smart security systems, as well as other internet-of-things devices like light bulbs and thermostats. The FALD feature can also be found in the Samsung's QLED lineups.

Samsung has figured out a way to nearly make your TV magically disappear.

The QLED line will be in stores this month.

We've nearly reached peak picture quality with stunning colours on modern TVs and content like Stan and Netflix in 4K resolution which presents a challenge for TV manufacturers - what to do to make the next generation of TVs even better.

"Australians are looking for larger TVs".

Well, we're told that new to the lineup are "several features that are created to meet consumers' needs for better picture quality, convenience, connection and sharing".

Facebook videos are no longer limited to desktop and mobile screens, as members can access their feeds and view recommendations on connected TVs.

The company in a statement said that new QLED TV features include Direct Full Array (DFA), bixby and ambient mode for even better picture quality, intuitive content and seamless design. And the larger Q-series sets, 75 inches and up, are a lot less expensive than the 77-inch OLED. The 65-inch Q9FN lists for $3,799.

"With our 2018 TV lineup, we are changing the definition of visual display to Intelligent Displays", said Samsung Electronics President Jong-hee Han. Most notably, Samsung added Direct Full Array backlighting to the Q8F and Q9F. An impressive framework of precisely controlled LEDs delivers pristine contrast across all images displayed onscreen. With Ambient Mode, Samsung's QLED TVs integrate with your living space, giving the TV a new objective in life. When the TV is turned off, it doesn't need to be simply black, as the Ambient mode allows users to showcase important information instead. For wall-mounted TVs, Ambient Mode can copy the pattern on the wall behind it, making the TV look see-through.

Samsung says it's "one invisible connection" that combines both power and AV data to the TV. Available up to 15 meters, it frees consumers from having to place their TV near data or power outlets. In 2017 the company failed to do this despite charging high prices for them and quite frankly, this is disappointing in a marketplace where numerous budget 4K TVs offer excellent full-array LED and local dimming capabilities for very low prices. It can display news, weather and the time, too.

Last year Samsung released Frame TV which is meant to look like a picture frame that's hung on a wall.

Samsung's new 2018 Q6FN TVs are the entry-level QLED TV models.

All QLED models benefit from HDR10+ compatibility, which is an open standard created to work in a similar way to Dolby Vision, by telling the screen how bright or dark it should be on a frame-by-frame basis. These are actually features that we've seen expanded quite a bit in nearly all premium 2018 4K TVs from several brands and Samsung is no exception. The TVs also pack few other unbelievable features, like their thin cables.

UHD: Models in the 2018 UHD TV lineup include NU7100 (75/65/55/49/43).

That experience will be coming, and coming soon, with the Australian models coming in April, though pricing to come later on.

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