Jeremy Corbyn admits being member of controversial Facebook group

Saul Bowman
March 10, 2018

"It recognises that since individual motions were submitted the situation regarding Brexit has changed significantly".

A Labour source said: "There were several motions (due at conference) calling for us to back single market membership".

"It would therefore be wrong to sign up to a single market deal without agreement that our final relationship with the European Union would be fully compatible with our radical plans to change Britain's economy", he added.

Mr Corbyn, who was speaking at the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee, criticised the "utter chaos and mismanagement that is defining this Tory Brexit".

When asked if the leadership was clamping down on democratic debate, Mr Corbyn insisted: "Absolutely not".

Jackson Carlaw, for the Scottish Conservatives, said: "This blunder shows exactly how much attention he pays to events north of the border, and the Scottish Labour branch office".

Buckle up folks, things are about to get procedural.

Mr Leonard told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme that it would be a "mistake" to "throw all our eggs in the basket of saying the Scottish Labour Party supports full membership of the single market" while Brexit negotiations were ongoing.

"But the effect of tonight's Scottish executive committee vote is that they now won't be voted upon". One member is shown commenting "am reading Mein Kampf [by Adolf Hitler]...everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked".

This is possible, but seems unlikely - apparently the last time it happened, it was over the Iraq War.

A new Scottish Labour for the Single Market group has been backed by former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale as well as Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray and MEP Catherine Stihler.

In an article for the Labour List website, Ms Stihler argued that there was "no left-wing argument for leaving the single market" as membership helped to protect workers' rights.

In fact, Scottish Labour won seven seats.

She added: "This is not, as some have ridiculously claimed, about factions within Labour".

But until he understands that the political culture of which he is a leader fosters the very anti-Semitism he claims to condemn, this problem will only get worse.

The issue of Brexit will be debated by party members at the conference on Sunday.

A Brexit debate will still go ahead, but insiders say the motion put to delegates will be be "bland and unobjectionable".

"This is a motion which takes cognisance of the fast-changing nature of the Brexit debate in Scotland and allows the party to unite behind a common goal - putting the interests of working people first".

Jeremy Corbyn will insist Labour is "alive and kicking" and on the cusp of making significant gains in Scotland as he addresses activists in Dundee.

"At one of the most important times for our country in its history, we have a divided government that has no clear idea of what it's doing, what it wants, or where it's going".

"As Theresa May has now admitted, under her plans for a reckless Tory Brexit the United Kingdom risks losing access to European markets".

He will add: "As Theresa May has now admitted, under her plans for a reckless Tory Brexit the United Kingdom risks losing access to European markets".

The Facebook group appeared to link those responsible for disseminating extreme anti-Semitism with a host of current supporters and members of Corbyn's team, as well as sitting members of the House of Lords and the Labour Party's leadership team.

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