Fortnite Battle Royale Goes Mobile, with PC and PS4 Cross Play Support

Muriel Hammond
March 10, 2018

Epic Games has announced the impending launch of Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile devices, starting next week with a limited roll-out to selected iOS 11 devices.

That means that for players both old and new will be able treated to the same gameplay, content, maps, and weekly updates as the console and PC versions. The invite event will begin on Monday, March 12, and everyone can sign, for which soon after will receive an invite on their Email.

Over the next few months, Epic Games will allow small numbers of players into the game in regular batches as part of an invite event process. There is a catch in the list as the game would support cross-platform between PC, PS4, Mac, iOS, and Android but Xbox One is not included in it.

Players who do receive invites from Epic will also get additional friend invite codes to share with friends. One of those is that Fortnite for PC is not available on Steam, so you'll have to download it directly from Epic Games. There's also no cross-progress between Fornite Battle Royale and the regular Fortnite game, not even cosmetically. The announcement does specify "Battle Royale", by the way, so it looks like the original zombie horde mode won't be making the jump, at least not immediately.

Previously in Fortnite, you were only able to battle with a team of 4 maximum, but now you can roll up with a squad 20 deep for an enormous deathmatch. "Play when you want, where you want", Epic Games said on its website. However, support for Android will take an extra few months. There is no information if the Xbox consoles will also support crossplay.

"We believe this is the future of games", the developers wrote on their blog. Play on mobile and carry on over to your console when you're ready.

Epic Community Manager Nick Chester clarified in a tweet that players will be able to opt into cross-platform matchmaking queues or stick with players on the same platform. By bringing the popular title to mobile devices and tablets of course!

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