Cross-Country Skier McKeever to Carry Canada's Flag into Opening Ceremonies

Muriel Hammond
March 9, 2018

Ten-time gold medallist Brian McKeever will carry Canada's flag in Friday's opening ceremonies of the Pyeongchang Paralympics.

Google Doodle to mark the commencement of Winter Paralympics 2018. With a hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, Samsung is expected to deliver more exciting experiences as per tradition during the past Paralympic Games. The Russian question also hung over the Winter Olympics, where despite two "clean" Russians failing drugs tests, Russia's suspension was lifted by the International Olympic Committee three days after the closing ceremony.

PyeongChang 2018 says the Games will operate under the theme of "new horizons" and accessibility challenges have been the focus of final preparations. There's also the idea of a vision-enhancing app for people with low-vision which hopefully, will work with the Samsung Gear VR.

Reclusive North Korea and the wealthy, democratic South are technically nonetheless at conflict as a result of their 1950-53 battle led to a truce, not a peace treaty.

The North had wanted disputed islands to be put on a unified flag but the South disagreed.

As all of our Canadian Olympic team have now returned home to their families and gotten on with the rest of their hectic lives, hopefully they and thousands of others in the future will always be given the funding, opportunity, and ongoing support to pursue the wonderful opportunities and dreams of representing their nation throughout the world, not only in the Olympics, but in all levels of sports competition.

The Korea Sports & Olympic Committee also disbanded the national reserve team for bobsleigh, citing lack of registered athletes, Lee said.

The South wanted a flag without the islands, but the North Korean delegation argued Thursday that it "does not accept the fact that Dokdo can not be marked due to political issues held in Korea", leading the International Paralympics Committee to decide that the two Koreas will march in individually.

"The country must know to what and why we devoted ourselves at the Olympics", Lee said, according to Yonhap.

In a press conference here today, Pyeongchang 2018 President Lee Hee-beom said he was "very proud" of the improved dialogue between the two Koreas.

Lee said that he wishes all of the foreign journalists who came for the Games would quickly return to Korea.

So Thankful that I have such an incredible family to share my adventures with.

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