Trump moots 'ultimate' punishment for drug dealers

Oscar Cross
March 5, 2018

The White House has indicated it would favor new rules to provide prisoners with more opportunities once they are no longer incarcerated, but has declined to back changes that would reduce mandatory minimums for drug offenders.

"I'll tell you what, I'm going to give it a lot of consideration", Trump told a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House.

Trump complained that people dealing drugs on the streets did not face enough consequences in the United States.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control, 64,000 people died from opioid overdoses (including heroin) in the U.S. in 2016, or some 175 people per day.

Trump would be well-advised to focus on the public health component of the opioid crisis.

The comments follow Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Feb. 28 announcement of a new Department of Justice task force launched to increase scrutiny on opioid makers and distributors.

Also on the agenda: a question-and-answer session with Jim Carroll, the recently named acting director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Trump's first nominee was forced to withdraw.

"We have pushers and drug dealers that don't - I mean they kill hundreds and hundreds of people and majority don't even go to jail".

In a testy exchange with ABC News's Cecilia Vega, Sanders was initially asked whether US President Donald Trump intends to fire Attorney-General Jeff Sessions. It's a problem that's growing.

At a White House meeting that was called to discuss the #Opioid abuse epidemic that is spreading across America, Trump said that the dealers of opioids are "killing hundreds and hundreds of people" and, as he sees it, they're not being duly punished. "So we're going to have to be very strong on penalties".

"Some countries have a very, very tough penalty".

Speaking before to NPR before the start of the event, the nation's top doctor said he was a mission to raise awareness about the epidemic. "Hopefully we can do some litigation against the opioid companies". "The administration has prioritized the issue and is implementing strategies around saving lives, lowering demand and lowering supply", said Adams.

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