Uber Bill Totals $1600 For Man Visiting West Virginia

Ann Santiago
March 3, 2018

Moral of the story is, take an Uber if you know you've had one too many drinks. And that goes double if you're not in your hometown.

Uber Bill Totals $1,600 For Man Visiting West Virginia Kenny Bachman, who had been drinking, slept for much of his ride from West Virginia to New Jersey. It was a ride to the wrong home, but a ride home nevertheless.

Bachman had an entire Toyota Sienna minivan to himself. As we said, this is definitely the way to go.

In Kenneth's case, they took him home alright but he won't be here for long. In Gloucester County. More than 300 miles away.

"I just woke up", Bachman told NJ Advance Media in a phone interview. "And I'm thinking, 'Why the f-- am I in the auto next to some random a** dude I don't even know?"

And because he had completed the trip, he had no choice but to pay for the entire thing.

"I was just like, that's insane", he told the news station.

As for the fare, it quickly added up to more than $1,600.

Bachman said he accidentally ordered a luxury UberXL vehicle, which increased the cost of the ride.

On top of the Uber fee, the driver didn't have money for tolls, so he was fined at every tollbooth. Bachman had to make a stop to get cash to give the driver money for the tolls back to West Virginia.

Despite giving the driver a five-star rating, Bachman challenged the charge, saying he didn't insert his home address and the driver had used his phone to answer a phone call while he was sleeping.

Bachman gave his driver five stars.

"I know I wouldn't send it to my house, I knew where I was", Mr Bachman said. Bachman had gone there to meet up with some friends he went to high school with, Bachman told McClatchy. Also, his name could not be better. Uber and Bachman connected and resolved the matter and he ended up agreeing to pay the full fare. After calling it a night, he made a decision to Uber home.

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