Brock Lesnar to UFC? You may be getting trolled

Arnold Nichols
March 3, 2018

Remember how expertly WWE and Lesnar trolled us three years ago in the walkup to WrestleMania 31, to the point where we all tuned in to a live Lesnar ESPN interview in which he was supposed to confirm his pending departure for UFC? It's unlikely it was a creative decision to have Lesnar not appear on RAW as he was even being advertised for the show when it started on USA Network.

Lesnar is now the WWE Universal champion but did not attend Raw this week, which led to WrestleMania opponent Roman Reigns slamming Lesnar on-air for a perceived "lack of respect" towards the organisation. He is also aware that he'll be losing the title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The real question is has WWE invested to much time and energy in a champion who doesn't even want to be there?

Reporters have also contacted the office of Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, but following Triple H's attack on the WWE Hall of Famer in the wake of Stephanie McMahon's confrontation with Ronda Rousey, Angle remains unavailable. Whether it was planned or not-there's little chance the champion simply chose to not show up-Reigns called out Lesnar for not caring enough about WWE to make the event.

UFC President Dana White continues to pouring gas on the fire of rumors that Brock Lesnar could be making a comeback to the UFC.

Reigns versus Lesnar taking place at WrestleMania April 8 has been considered a foregone conclusion for some time, so Reigns winning the Elimination Chamber Match - thus earning the title shot with Lesnar at WWE's marquee event - was predictable, but the match was laid out brilliantly.

Would you be excited to see Brock Lesnar back in the UFC?

According to Mike Johnson from PWInsider, the original plans for Lesnar's appearance was to have "a lengthy back and forth promo segment" between him and Reigns with Paul Heyman on Lesnar's behalf.

What followed was the eternal WWE debate, was this a shoot or a work?

No matter what Lesnar's future holds, don't be surprised if WWE uses the idea that Lesnar could jump to the UFC as part of the WrestleMania storyline. If he wanted to compete again in UFC, he would have to re-enter the USADA's drug-testing pool and serve the remaining six months of a suspension he received for testing positive for a banned substance before his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

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