Maisie Williams knows Game of Thrones series finale ending

Oscar Cross
February 24, 2018

But wait, does Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the Emmy-winning fantasy drama, actually know the ending since there are reports of fake endings and scripts being produced in an effort to maintain the final season's plot a secret?

Star Maisie Williams appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday and cast doubt on the rumor that the production would film more than one ending so that even the cast and crew wouldn't know the how the top-secret HBO hit concluded.

The 20-year-old has played Arya Stark in the fantasy show since 2011, and is now shooting episodes for the eighth and final season which will air in 2019. Maisie also added that she doesn't believe if HBO has that kind of budget to shoot so many alternate endings.

Kimmel then mentioned that the president of HBO Casey Bloys announced that the show would film multiple endings, so asked how the actress would know if she knew the actual chosen ending.

Williams went on to suggest, with facial expressions, that the ending might on paper sound underwhelming, but when you see it, you'll understand why it's so moving.

Also in the interview, Williams said she still has a lot of shooting left to do on the final season. The expression on her face could be something that for her would be a flawless end, but for another person could be something that leaves them feeling rather dissatisfied.

"It's a mammoth task this year, it's huge", Maisie continued, being careful not to reveal too much. " Naturally, Kimmel was unable to pry any details out of the actress".

Jimmy asked Maisie about the number of episodes, Season 8 has but she said that she knew it but wasn't sure if she could reveal it to all. Maisie was quick to answer and said, "Not necessarily, because some of the episodes take a really long time to shoot".

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