Study says booze is better than exercise for living past 90

Phillip Cunningham
February 22, 2018

A study led by University of California neurologist Claudia Kawas found that drinking a glass or two of alcohol a day was linked to a lower risk of dying prematurely. Those who exercised 15 to 45 minutes a day cut their risk by a significant, but lessor 11 per cent. Additionally, people with daily hobbies were 21% less likely to die early, and coffee drinkers tended to live longer than non-coffee drinkers, by about 10%. In addition to taking tests, they also asked the participants of this study questions about their health and habits, including factors such as diet, medical history, medications they take, and other activities they take part in. Initiated back in 2003, a total of 1,600 people partook in the study, which was created to find out how this growing section of the USA population were able to hit the milestone, while noting the quality of life after 90. Ergo, drinking is better than exercise!

Those who were a bit overweight during their 70s (but not obese), were 3 percent less likely to experience premature death.

So, who is to tell that we can't live our lives in a fun way?

Over 40% of people aged 90 and older suffer from dementia while nearly 80% are disabled. Kawas and her team have been conducting the study since 2003 in order to understand more about longevity, quality of life in the elderly, and neurological disorders like dementia. Its good news for boozers that drinking could help you live longer, says a study presented last week at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Also, when the study talks about "drinking alcohol", it means in moderation and small quantities.

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