Apple Park Employees Reportedly Can't Stop Walking Into Its Glass Walls

Kelley Robertson
February 18, 2018

The Apple design guru Jony Ive considers Apple Park to be a masterpiece of design.

While some patients had minor cuts, none needed hospital care. The building provides glass-based viewing portals of this park along with views of the landscape surrounding the building's exterior.

Steve Jobs asked British architect Norman Foster and his firm to design Apple's new headquarters in 2006.

Should the Apple employees be less distracted while walking around the new campus offices or should Apple do something about it?

Too immersed in their iPhones, the employees repeatedly ran into the glass-walled workspaces, Bloomberg reports. It officially opened to Apple employees earlier this year, supplanting the 1 Infinite Loop campus as the company's main seat of power.

The new $5 billion Apple Park campus, which opened last fall, has had at least two incidents of men walking into glass and sustaining injuries that required emergency services, according to a story by MarketWatch, which did a public records request. After the incidents, employees began using Post-its to mark where walls are, but the sticky notes were reportedly removed "because they detracted from the building's design".

Indeed, Apple makes use of visual indicators like that at its One Infinite Loop campus already. Steve Jobs tasked celebrated British architect Norman Foster to design the company's new headquarters back in 2006 based on his own conception-a giant ideal ring to rule them all, built using giant glass panes, carbon fiber, and ground unicorn carcasses. "The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk", Ive told Wired in May. No wonder some Apple employees walked into it.

KTVU reached out to Apple for a comment and has not yet heard back.

Bergen says that some people are now sticking Post-It notes on the glass to avoid walking into the panes.

Apple is discovering that sleek architecture doesn't necessarily play nicely with health & safety, after multiple reported cases of Apple Park staff walking into glass doors and windows.

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