Former Playboy Model Exposes Trump's Alleged System of Hiding Affairs

Oscar Cross
February 17, 2018

Karen was reportedly paid $150,000 by a media company for the exclusive rights to her story, which she agreed to in 2016.

Despite a lack of details, Farrow reports that Trump covered his tracks by having McDougal purchase hotels and flights in her name and later reimbursing her for the cost.

Journalist Ronan Farrow obtained an eight-page, handwritten note from Ms McDougal's friend detailing their relationship.

His upsetting reference to a woman liking "big black dick" because she was dating a black man would alone, with any other president in our history (other than maybe Barack Obama), be a massive scandal on its own.

According to the New Yorker, McDougal had claimed that the businessman was so taken with her that one Playboy exec had told her: "I think you could be his next wife".

According to the story, he and McDougal later had a dinner date in a private bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

"This is an old story that is just more fake news", an unnamed White House spokesperson said in a statement to the New Yorker.

In the letter, McDougal says after she and Trump began a physical relationship, he offered to pay her but she declined.

She signed the agreement on August 5, 2016, giving the publisher exclusive rights to her account of any relationship with any "then-married man", with almost half of the payment going to three men who had helped arrange the deal, according to The New Yorker. "I'm afraid to even mention his name".

"The underlying chronicle of the affair reveals a lot of important patterns that we're now seeing in the multiple accounts of either consensual affairs or alleged nonconsensual activity with Trump", Farrow said.

"We never printed a word about Trump without his approval", George told The New Yorker.

The article notes that four days before the 2016 U.S. election, the Wall Street Journal reported that the National Enquirer's publisher, American Media, Inc., paid $150,000 for exclusive rights to McDougal.

Trump's alleged infidelities have been public knowledge for years, and his tight relationship with AMI and its chief David Pecker have also been the subject of articles, but Farrow's story implies that the Enquirer functioned as a veritable protection racket for the president.

She added: "It took my rights away". She also said she regretted signing the contract with the tabloid.

The alleged relationship ended after nine months in April 2007 after Karen pulled the plug, she claims.

Maggie Haberman, the White House correspondent for the New York Times, pointed out an interesting shift in the language used by the White House in their denials of both stories.

A manager for Clifford has claimed the agreement is no longer valid because of Cohen's disclosure about the payment. At the time, Trump had been married to Melania Trump for less than two years.

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