Billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel leaving Silicon Valley

Ann Santiago
February 16, 2018

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel reportedly is fed with up with all the political antics in Silicon Valley.

US conservative billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel was reported to move himself and his investment firms from Bay Area close to San Francisco to Los Angeles, both in the western coast of the country.

Mr Thiel is to move his home and his investment firms about 350 miles to Los Angeles and reduce his investments in the technology...

Another of his firms, the venture-capital firm Founders Fund, will remain in San Francisco, the person said.

Thiel is also considering resigning from the Facebook board, where Thiel has been a director since 2005.

Thiel's political leanings came under fire from many in Silicon Valley following the United States presidential election, due to his open support for President Trump.

Thiel, who counts himself among Facebook's earliest investors, has seen his relationship with Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg become strained following his open support of President Donald Trump, sources told The Journal.

Thiel, who is a member of Facebook's board had already sold more than $1 billion worth of its stock before the filing made in late November.

Thiel - who also delivered a keynote speech at the Republican National Convention - has grown frustrated with the liberal politics of the region, along with increased regulation of the tech business, the Journal reported.

The filing said he had sold another 160,805 shares for about $29 million, leaving his holdings at 59,913 Class A shares in the company.

Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley's most high-profile conservative, may be admitting defeat in Silicon Valley's culture wars and retreating to Los Angeles. "That's when you get in trouble politically in our society, when".

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