Syria: 100 reported dead in anti-loyalist U.S. coalition raids

Ann Santiago
February 12, 2018

"The U.S. -led coalition released a statement saying that the airstrikes on February 7 were carried out in "self-defense" after 'an unprovoked attack" by Syrian pro-regime forces.

The attack was reportedly carried out in self-defense after Syrian government forces initiated an "unprovoked" offensive against the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is working with coalition advisers to battle the pro-regime forces. They have not ruled out that Iranian backed-forces might have also been involved in the attack, this official said.

It was a rare USA strike against forces that support Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.

No US forces and one SDF fighter reportedly died in the operation. The US had chosen this town to train local Syrian forces to fight IS.

According to another official speaking to CNN, the US-backed Coalition was "in regular communication" with Russian military forces in the area.

"I am gravely concerned that the Trump administration is purposefully stumbling into a broader conflict, without a vote of Congress or clear objectives", said Sen.

"International coalition forces are bombing popular forces fighting Daesh and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) east of the Euphrates River and there are reports of casualties", the Syrian TV report added.

The overnight attack, which a USA military official earlier said killed about 100, adds another layer to a conflict in Syria that is once again plunging into a new unpredictable spiral of violence.

The Syrian government has repeatedly condemned the US-led coalition's presence on its soil, calling it an act of blatant aggression and violation of the country's sovereignty. "Russian officials assured Coalition officials they would not engage Coalition forces in the vicinity".

Russian Federation is the regime's main ally on the ground in Syria and in the worldwide arena, frequently using its permanent seat on the Security Council to provide Damascus with diplomatic cover within the global community.

However, during the mission, the Syrian militiamen were subjected to sudden shelling from mortars and multiple launch rocket systems and then came under fire from helicopters of the USA -led coalition, the statement said.

The SDF is led and mostly comprised of fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) that controls vast swaths of Northern Syrian. Coalition aircraft have struck regime forces who were perceived as posing a threat to a base at At Tanf, Syria, that houses USA and coalition military advisers.

US Marines firing a howitzer in Syria.

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