International Charity Oxfam Could Lose All UK Government Funding

Saul Bowman
February 12, 2018

Mordaunt said she was writing to all charities that receive state aid demanding they step up efforts to tackle sexual misconduct among staff or face funding cut-offs.

Oxfam has been accused of trying to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct by workers in Haiti in 2011.

Oxfam has denied that they took part in any coverup thought according to reports they did not let the Haitian government what was happening which meant they were unable to take legal action against the employees involved.

The government is looking to collect documents on the staff members who paid for sex during that time. The charity allowed staff members to resign from the organisation and seek new aid jobs elsewhere.

Ms Mordaunt has written to all United Kingdom charities which receive United Kingdom aid to tell them they must declare all safeguarding concerns or lose Government funding.

Oxfam received almost £32m from the government in the last financial year.

"If that organisation does not have the moral leadership to do the right thing and where they have evidence of criminal activity, to pass that information onto the relevant authorities, including prosecuting authorities, that's an absolute absence of leadership". "We were not told about the nature of these events".

'Our approach to this matter would have been different had the full details that have been reported been disclosed to us at the time, ' it said in a statement.

"They did tell the Charity Commission there was sexually inappropriate behaviour, bullying and harassment of employees, but they did not report that to us". Asked if that was a lie, Mordaunt said: "Well, quite".

Numbers collected by four of Britain's leading overseas aid charities, seen by The Sunday Times, revealed that 125 allegations of sex abuse were made previous year alone.

Oxfam said it was "shocked and dismayed" by the new Chad claims although it said it could not corroborate the claims.

Ms Mordaunt has written to all United Kingdom charities which receive United Kingdom aid urging them to declare any safeguarding issues.

"If the moral leadership at the top of the organization isn't there, then we can't have you as a partner", she said.

"Our primary aim was always to root out and take action against those involved and we publicly announced, including to media, both the investigation and the action we took as a result".

In a further warning to the charity, she said: "If they do not hand over all the information that they have from their investigation and subsequently to the relevant authorities, including the Charity Commission and prosecuting authorities, then I can not work with them any more as an aid delivery partner".

The chief executive said: "With hindsight, I would much prefer that we had talked about sexual misconduct".

Scandal-hit Oxfam recorded a staggering 87 incidents, while Save The Children and Christian Aid reported 31 and two respectively.

Of those, 53 were referred to the police or other authorities and 20 people were dismissed.

Oxfam said it could not corroborate the latest claims but it said it was "shocked and dismayed" at what it called the unacceptable behaviour by a small number of people.

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