Small Asteroid To Pass By Earth Friday

Muriel Hammond
February 10, 2018

An asteroid discovered last week is due to fly past the earth at 10.30pm this evening.

Asteroids this size don't often come this close to Earth but it is not unheard of.

Anything that comes closer than 4,650,000 miles of Earth is classified by NASA as a "near-Earth object" (NEO) and is classed as "hazardous".

An asteroid bigger than a city bus is on track to zoom by Earth Friday at a safe but close distance, less than one-fifth as far away as the Moon, Nasa said.

Asteroid 2018 CB is the second small asteroid to buzz by the planet this week, according to NASA.

The moon is about 240,000 miles from earth.

Estimated to be between 50 and 130ft (15 and 40 meters) in diameter, 2018 CB has the potential to be double the size of the 17-meter Chelyabinsk asteroid which left 1,000 people injured and damaged thousands of buildings.

The path of asteroid 2018 CB, which will come close to Earth on February 10. Small asteroids pass between the planet and the moon several times a month. The asteroid, which is estimated to be between 50 and 130 feet (15 and 40 meters) in size, was also discovered by CSS on February 4.

NASA is particularly concerned about asteroids that are over 500 feet in diameter and closer than 4.6 million miles from Earth.

This is an artist's illustration of the "Halloween Asteroid" 2015 TB145, which looks like a skull.J.

On Feb. 15, 2013, an asteroid roughly 17 metres in size lit up the sky over Chelyabinsk breaking up, with a large piece landing in a lake.

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