Drivers spend 31 hours per year stuck in rush hour traffic

Ann Santiago
February 7, 2018

San Francisco ranks as the world's 5th most congested city in terms of traffic and the 3rd worst in the United States, according to analytics firm INRIX, which studied statistics from 2017.

Per the 2017 analysis, NY drivers averaged 91 peak hours stuck in traffic a year ago, tying with Moscow, Russia for second place for the most amount of hours spent in congestion.

The study also calculated that the jams are costing us £37.7bn per year - around £1,168 per driver.

This takes into account direct costs such as wasted fuel and time as well as indirect consequences including higher prices for household goods due to increased freighting fees being passed on to consumers. But better! Not better than Houston, which came in 11th, or Austin, at 16th, but it's not Los Angeles, ranked No. 1 for the sixth year running.

Manchester came behind London, albeit its average of 39 hours was nearly half of that recorded in the capital. The congestion data provides insight into each city's unique set of transportation problems and how they might be solved (or made worse) with technology and new forms of transporatation such as ride-hailing, car-sharing, and eventually self-driving vehicles. In order to avoid peak congestion hours, I am permitted by company to arrive two hours later. The study found that traffic congestion cost USA motorists almost $305 billion in 2017, an average of $1,445 per driver.

Traffic in New Dehli has become such an issue that's there's essentially no difference between congestion during peak and non-peak hours, according to a 2017 study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), which is a public interest research group. Ten U.S. cities were among the top 25 worldwide for worst traffic congestion.

"The cost of congestion is astonishing", said Graham Cookson, Inrix chief economist.

Among developed nations, USA and Russian Federation shared top of the most congested countries in the world.

That's where Denver ranked a year ago.

"It takes billions out of the economy and impacts on businesses and individuals".

"The reason for improvements in traffic flow in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh are far from clear".

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