Tampa mom recovering after Amtrak train crash, derailment in SC

Saul Bowman
February 5, 2018

Two people are dead and over a hundred are injured after an Amtrak train, carrying around 147 passengers and travelling from NY to Miami, crashed into a freight train in SC.

"It appears that the Amtrak was on the wrong track", McMaster said at the news conference midday Sunday.

- October 5, 2015: A passenger train headed from Vermont to Washington, D.C., derailed when it hit rocks that had fallen onto the track from a ledge.

Both individuals killed were Amtrak personnel, McMaster said.

"They can't get it to work", Beall said. "There may be a timing factor".

According to a statement, Amtrak said the lead engine derailed, as well as some passenger cars. Video from the scene showed the twisted and gnarled wreckage of several CSX cars. The collision caused 5,000 gallons of fuel to spill and authorities are working to contain the leaks.

A total of 116 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment, many with minor injuries, Governor Henry McMaster told reporters. It is reported that minimum 2 people have lost their lives and more than 70 passengers are injured. The rest were treated and released. He admits the train was running behind schedule, but said the train was not speeding because they were late. "She said she was just waiting on somebody to get to her".

Derek Pettaway, a passenger in one of the cars near the end of the train, told CNN that he was asleep at the time of the impact. There were 8 crew members and approximately 139 passengers on board.

That isn't the case for the next vehicle, which was violently bent in half, jutting off the track while still relatively connected to the cars in front and to the rear of it. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating three of the collisions, including Sunday's.

Sumwalt, a Columbia native in town when the accident occurred, said a safety system known as "positive train control" could have saved lives in the accident in SC, as it could with other train wrecks across the country.

Amtrak Train 91 derailed early this morning in Cayce, South Carolina.

"It's freaky", said Dan Burkett, who stopped by the Raleigh Amtrak station to drop off a friend.

Around 116 people were hurt in the accident, along with the two deaths, according to reports. "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by this incident".

Matthew Cheeseman, a train crash survivor from North Carolina, described the terrifying scene. Just a few days back i.e. on 31st January 2018 at 11:20 am ET, an Amtrak carrying the Republican Members of Congress alongwith their staff for a Political Retreat, collides with a Tractor/ Trailer in Virginia.

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