Pentagon Announces Major Shift In US Nuclear Policy

Ann Santiago
February 4, 2018

That is a myth the nuclear powers want you to believe.

It is believed to be more powerful than any weapon in the USA and Russian arsenals, NPR reported. If the only nuclear response America could make would be to launch an attack on Russian Federation itself, thus risking nuclear Armageddon, it would be forced to back down.

"The Nuclear Posture Review continues the Obama strategy of modernization", Sen.

The lower-yield warhead for Trident missiles would "ensure a prompt response option" and would help counter any "mistaken perception" by Russia, North Korea or other adversaries that the USA might hesitate to respond with nuclear weapons to a limited nuclear strike by one of them, the report said. That world was much less pleasant than the relative peace and stability since the dawn of the nuclear age. If each state is confident in the other's behavior and capabilities, and in the reliability of its own retaliatory nuclear forces, then stability can be maintained-a state that can be further enhanced by sustained dialogue and transparency, aided by verifiable nuclear limits codified in legal agreements.

The idea was that America should be able to respond in kind at any point on an escalation ladder that began with a conventional attack and ended with all-out nuclear war.

World War II alone claimed between 60 to 80 million lives in about five years.

U.S. officials have in the past expressed concern over the possibility of nuclear weapons of Pakistan landing into the hands of non-state actors or terrorist groups and thus has been working with Islamabad in enhancing the security of its nuclear weapons. They are good for only one objective: deterring nuclear attacks. To be sure, Moscow's invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory, its reported interference in US elections and its alleged violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty rightly worry American policymakers.

"Neither recommendation requires developing new nuclear warheads", Shanahan said. There is also a strong case for improving the resilience of outdated nuclear command-and-control systems that are becoming highly vulnerable to cyber-hacking and new space weapons.

By clarifying potential scenarios when the president might authorize a nuclear attack, officials said, the US was seeking to deter adversaries from conducting large-scale cyber warfare and other non-nuclear but potentially devastating attacks on the USA and its allies, a controversial idea that critics said could make nuclear war more likely. Another US project involves developing new low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons.

A potential spike in funding would likely funnel into New Mexico's laboratories, where Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories are collectively among the highest-funded nuclear weapons sites in the nation, with New Mexico raking in around $5 billion from the U.S. Energy Department annually - roughly $1 billion more than any other state.

A major breakthrough in the Cold War that radically reduced the chances of nuclear conflict came with the recognition by American and Russian leaders that our countries could not out-arms-race each other.

The first since former President Barack Obama's first term, the updated Nuclear Posture Review says the US will add weapons to its arsenal. The National Nuclear Security Administration also is considering moving at least some of this work to SC. "Rather, by convincing adversaries that even limited use of nuclear weapons will be more costly than they can tolerate, it in fact raises that threshold".

"While the United States has continued to reduce the number and salience of nuclear weapons, others, including Russian Federation and China, have moved in the opposite direction", the report says. He said the missile would be fielded "in the near term", but he refused to be more specific. It communicates to adversaries that the willing to contemplate the use of the most devastating weapons it has at its disposal in response to large-scale attacks, regardless of how those attacks are conducted. The U.S. says it has been in compliance with the limits since August and it expects the Russians to comply by Monday's deadline.

"No football team only plays defense", Mattis said.

It denied accusations against Russian Federation made in the United States document.

"The potential threat of non-state actors getting their hands on a nuclear weapon remains at the front of all of our minds", Shannon told reporters at a news conference held at the Pentagon.

Sen. John Hoeven on Friday issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Defense released its Nuclear Posture Review, which establishes U.S. nuclear policy and strategy, and outlines the nation's capabilities and force for the coming years.

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