The Making of Monster Hunter: World Part Two: Design

Kelley Robertson
February 1, 2018

Over the weekend, the company revealed that Street Fighter's Ryu and Sakura will be playable characters in Monster Hunter: World.

"Monster Hunter: World" set a new franchise record for most number of copies shipped over the launch weekend.

The video game giant teased fans with the announcement video for the collaboration highlighting hunters in Ryu and Sakura armors. Considering that there have only been about 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold in Japan to date, it's hugely impressive that World has managed to post comparable numbers.

"In just a few weeks", PS4 players who own Street Fighter V will get early access to a quest called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path". The "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" will be soon available to the title and hunters will have to defeat a Barroth in order to acquire the tickets. But how common is it to get back to the Workshop, only for Smithy to inform you you're still missing one or two vital crafting ingredients? You'll start collecting similar sounding items but you'll notice a "+" appearing next to the items which means you're getting higher quality gear.

Monster Hunter: World players will also be able to unlock a Sakura armor set in a similar manner, but Capcom is now keeping the details under wraps.

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