Nintendo Switch Surpasses 14.86 Million Consoles Sold Since Launch

Muriel Hammond
February 1, 2018

Nintendo Switch consoles have now been sold worldwide since the platform's launch in March a year ago. In less than a year. The console-handheld hybrid moved 14.86 million units previous year, pushing it past the lifetime 13.56 million sales of the Wii U. The U.S. turned out to be the biggest taker of the device at 5.94 million units.

After launching in March last year, Nintendo has sold 14.86 million Switch units, almost 900,000 ahead of its 2017 target with three months left of its financial year.

It's official. In just under 11 months, Nintendo Switch has beaten the sales of the Wii U's entire lifecycle.

Splatoon 2 - a sequel to one of Nintendo's newest original properties - sold 4.91 million copies.

Nintendo's financials are looking pretty spritely right now.

To put it into perspective, Super Mario Odyssey has sold more copies than any single Wii U game in its four year life span. Mario Kart 8 was only able to sell 8.4m units on the Wii U.

In just ten months, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed its predecessor's lifetime sales. With third-party game developers not expected to release blockbuster titles for the Switch until at least 2019, 2018 could bring a drop off in sales. With an operating profit of 156.4 billion yen, net profit totaled 135.1 billion yen.

And Nintendo can expect to sell even more thanks to an unbelievable new deal available at Argos. However, it's important to remember that not all of that revenue comes from the Nintendo Switch. However, with the holiday quarter over, all eyes will be on how well Nintendo can sustain (or perhaps increase) the Switch sales.

You can find the new Switch and Wii U Skin Packs on the Marketplace. Also worthy of mention is the success of 3DS, that has reached 71.99 million units distributed since 2011 to date.

Nintendo's data includes sales for those exclusives, with Super Mario Odyssey quickly becoming the platform's top-seller with nine million units shifted in a little over two months since launch. In addition, of course, there's an impending core Pokémon game, that should see sales of the system skyrocket even more.

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