Killer nurse Niels Hoegel charged with murdering 97 more patients in Germany

Ann Santiago
January 24, 2018

New charges against Hoegel include 62 additional killings at Delmenhorst and 35 charges relating to the deaths at a facility in Oldenburg, where Hoegel worked from 1999 to 2002.

A nurse in Germany who was serving a life sentence for two murders has now been charged with the deaths of a further 97 individuals.

Niels H. was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 on two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder and battery.

Prosecutors said they looked into 500 patient files, finding that Hoegel may have killed more than 100 patients in a span of several years. But after his conviction, he told investigators ht he did likewise at Oldenburg, prompting more toxicological examinations on patients who passed away at the hospital during Hoegel's employment.

The revelations date back to 2005, when a female nurse witnessed Hoegel trying to inject a patient at the Delmenhorst hospital. Unlike other countries where consecutive sentences can be handed down, leading to prison sentences of hundreds of years, Germany does not do this, but the latest charges are expected to affect his parole chances.

On Monday, Oldenburg prosecutors said they had charged him with 97 additional murders on top of the six he has been convicted of, while saying toxicology tests did not find conclusive proof in three more cases. Police also interviewed Hoegel six times to try and get more information while building the case.

Koziolek said that a "variety of drugs" were used in the killings.

"From the prosecutorial point of view, the accused Niels H accepted, at least tacitly, in all cases the death of the patients due to the effects of the drugs", the prosecutors said in a statement.

Oldenburg Police Chief Johann Kuehme said in a press conference that workers at the Oldenburg clinic had an elevated number of resuscitations.

Police believe Hoegel killed his first victim in early 2000 and then moved from hospital to hospital, managing to hide his killing spree with seeming ease.

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