Wal-Mart launches programme to safely dispose of unused opioids

Saul Bowman
January 18, 2018

Officials said the product is a quick and secure way for people who might be concerned about someone abusing their excess pills to throw them away: Just fill the 2/3rds of the prescription vial with water, add the DisposeRX powder and screw on the cap before shaking the vial for about 30 seconds.

Walmart is handing out DisposeRx for free at all of its pharmacies.

Other developed countries are not experiencing the same rates of people dying from opioids as Americans, which experts say could be because opioids are prescribed significantly more in the United States than other countries.

Walmart unveiled a pharmacy initiative January 17 to supply customers with a product to facilitate the safe disposal of excess opioids.

Walmart says it's the first national pharmacy to offer the solution.

Walmart patients filling a new Class II opioid prescription will now be given a free DisposeRx packet along with counseling on proper opioid use and safety.

The world's largest retailer announced the new disposal system, known as DisposeRx, on Wednesday, with plans to make it available to use for free at all of its 4,700 US pharmacies.

What Walmart wants to do by including packets along with the prescription is to make it possible for you to dispose of those five pills at home for free.

Say after a recent surgery, your doctor prescribed you seven doses of Percocet, a drug that contains acetaminophen and oxycodone.

Senator John Boozman of Arkansas reveals how "about one-third of medications sold go unused. Too often, these unsafe narcotics remain unsecured where children, teens or visitors may have access", Arkansas Senator John Boozman said in a statement. CVS (CVS) started selling Narcan in 2016 and restricted opioid prescriptions for 7 days in September.Walgreens (WBA) started carrying pharmacies with Narcan in October.

Retail pharmacies have taken steps to address opioid abuse as the crisis has grown.

"That's why we're taking an active role in fighting our nation's opioid issue, an issue that has affected so many families and communities across America", Hays said.

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