Google Arts & Culture App Now Matches Your Selfie To Famous Paintings

Kelley Robertson
January 17, 2018

Sometimes the Google Arts & Culture app's matches even reflect ongoing disputes over attribution. Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with more than 1,200 worldwide museums, galleries and institutions from 70 countries for the app. However, do not open the app immediately after downloading. One of these is the Twitter user catland rose dewitt bukater, who wrote that she was upset about the fact that the app was not available in Chicago.

If you're desperate for a try but can't download the app, try signing up to a VPN with a USA exit node.

"Keep exploring with Google Arts & Culture". We're hopeful this Google is just refining this experiment before it launches across the country - but the fine art selfie craze could be over before everyone has access.

Google Arts & Culture - a free app for Android and iOS - is created to let you explore the world's greatest museums right from your smartphone. Once installed, open the Opera VPN app. Click on "Switch location" under the Device Location tab, and select United States from the list.

The updated version has a selfie component.

Kumail Nanjiani  Twitter

In all seriousness, the processing time is minimal and there's a hilarious moment of suspense as you wait for the app to tell you which art work your face most closely resembles.

Get the app, and scroll down to find the "Is your face in a museum?" project. It's now no. 1 on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The app then displays the art twin alongside the selfie, and shows a percentage match on the left side of the screen. Users will have to give this app access to the front camera in order to allow the selfies.

The only way you could have missed the onslaught of front-facing photographs side-by-side with paintings from Spain to France - and beyond - is if you happened to ignore social media.

Unfortunately, the app requires you take a selfie in real time, meaning no uploading embarrassing snaps of your friends you've saved on your camera roll for this objective (or, for me, my cats back home in Vermont).

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