President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's 2017 Christmas Message

Saul Bowman
December 26, 2017

"I just want to wish everybody a very, very Merry Christmas".

Melania Trump, dressed in a red lacy outfit, says that at this time of year, 'we see the best of America and the soul of the American people, ' and pays tribute to 'our courageous men and women in uniform'. Still, Trump has convinced himself and millions of others of the myth that Christmas was under attack by the Obama administration all while pushing another myth, the one that said Obama wasn't born in America. At an event in Missouri last month he told supporters, "You don't see "Merry Christmas" any more".

Trump also revisited a common refrain during the brief portion of the call open to members of the media: He bragged that Americans, under him, are now proudly saying Merry Christmas.

United States President Donald Trump addressed troops via video conference call on Christmas Eve, Sunday.

The president - speaking to five members of the military deployed in Kuwait, Qatar, Guantanamo Bay and aboard the USS Sampson - thanked the troops and families of service members overseas. "Your families have been tremendous, always under-appreciated, the military families", he said.

Trump then goes on to say: 'In the season of joy, we spend time with our families, we renew the bonds of love and goodwill between our citizens and most importantly we celebrate the miracle of Christmas. Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly talked about the "war on Christmas" on his show for years, highlighting businesses that opted to say "happy holidays". Despite only negative reporting, we are doing well - nobody is going to beat us.

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