Netflix Surprises with Second Dave Chappelle Netflix Special Announcement

Oscar Cross
December 23, 2017

You can check out the teaser videos for both comedy specials in the player below.

Dave Chappelle isn't the type of person to keep quiet when it comes to controversial issues.

Netflix announced in November that it had signed a blockbuster deal with Chappelle to headline three stand-up specials.

The first two marked Chappelle's first released specials in over a decade.

In the third salvo of this three-part Netflix comedy saga, titled Dave Chappelle: Equanimity, Chapelle treads controversial ground trying out his new anti-Trump material.

In one NSFW clip, Chappelle aims his jabs at the "poor whites" who helped elect Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

"I stood with them in line like all Americans are required to do in a democracy - nobody skips the line to vote - and I listened to them", he said.

The streaming giant has announced that in addition to releasing Equanimity, the iconic funnyman is set to unveil The Bird Revelation. "I listened to them say naive, poor-white-people things: 'Man, Donald Trump's gonna go to Washington and he's gonna fight for us.' I'm standing there thinking in my mind, 'You dumb, motherfucker. You. Are".

Colbert then asked how the comedian felt about Trump now, but instead of giving his own personal thoughts on the president, Chappelle said the public is now "getting an education (on) the presidency". For those of us staying in on New Year's Eve rather than going out, it might be a good idea to bring in the new year with some laughs.

The streaming service announced Friday the addition of a second new standup special from the comic to air on December 31. What do you think about his change of opinion regarding Trump?

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