Amazon's Alexa can now wake you up with music instead of alarms

Kelley Robertson
December 13, 2017

Just say "Alexa, play me some songs for wrapping gifts" and you'll get music specially curated to fit the activity.

The plans available are known as Echo (cheapest, with access to the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog on a single Echo Dot, Echo Plus, or Echo), Individual (one of up to 10 devices at a time), and Family (up to six household members sharing a subscription). Alexa can be used to set an alarm; that is nothing new. This functionality covers multiple music services, including the company's own Amazon Music app (if you're a subscriber).

Twitch launched an Alexa skill on Monday that will let you tune into your favorite video game streams and use Amazon's digital assistant to find new streamers and games to watch.

A variety of voice commands can be used to set up these alarms.

A nice add: you can also read a lyric out loud to Alexa and she will understand which song you are talking about - just as she does when requesting music during the day.

You can choose a specific artist and time instead, such as "wake me up to Adele", or a certain era or genre of music like, "wake me up to 90s music" or "wake me up to classical music".

If you're an Amazon Music subscriber, you get a few extra features on top of this.

Apart from the Fire TV, all other Alexa-enabled devices can be programmed to play music as a wake-up call. If you trust Alexa to be the flawless breakfast DJ, just say: "Alexa, wake me up at [time] with music".

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