Can you hear it? Prime TV app suffers Dolby 5.1 hearing loss

Kelley Robertson
December 8, 2017

Google made a decision to implement the restriction since Amazon does not sell Google's products.

Ever since its first iteration, one of the Apple TV's major weaknesses has been its lack of an Amazon Video app. Apple listened to customer complaints, and promised way back in September that the service would make its way to the premium streaming box in question. Apple TV users will also be able to access Amazon Channels in the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

If you're looking to watch Amazon Prime TV movies in Dolby 5.1 sound through your Apple TV, be ready for a disappointment.

The stakes are high: many in the technology industry expect that interacting with computers by voice will become widespread, and it is unclear if Amazon, Google or another company will dominate the space.

The rivalry between Google and Amazon has heated up as the search giant and online retailer have moved quickly into hardware and internet services.

The search giant recently pulled the YouTube app Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Show after it was revealed that Amazon was unwilling to sell certain Google products.

The exact cause of the bad blood between the two companies has never been confirmed but many speculate the similarity between the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices is the main reason. On Thursday, Dec. 7, the device's users can now watch the Thursday Night Football on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. That's half of all households who would be giving up a free streaming video service by buying an Apple TV.

Google and Amazon are taking their very public feud to the next level and their customers are paying the price. Where movies are not available for streaming via a Prime subscription, the app often says that the content can instead be purchased or rented. This, too, can be synced across all users' Apple devices. The paid subscription service is going to add new contents on a regular basis.

Amazon said in a statement, "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website". Google offers other manufacturers its own software for streaming devices called Android TV.

This new development in the existing row between the two companies follows YouTube disabling its programming from Amazon's Echo Show device, which Amazon retaliated by stopping to sell the Nest E Thermostat, Nest's Camera IQ, and the Nest Secure alarm system.

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