Trump lawyer: Deutsche Bank has not received subpoena for Trump records

Saul Bowman
December 6, 2017

But some details are in the public domain: Mr Trump received a $106m loan from Deutsche Bank in 2011 to buy the Doral golf resort in Miami, according to the local land register. The news came from German newspaper Handelsblatt, Bloomberg and Reuters, which cited unnamed sources. The Mueller investigation now wants the bank to detail any ties between those trades or other Russian financing as it seeks to identify anyone connected to Donald Trump, his family or advisers.

Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, has lent the Trump organisation hundreds of millions of dollars for real estate deals.

Mr Mueller is looking into claims of Russian interference in the USA presidential election and potential collusion by Mr Trump's team - an allegation denied by the President and Russian authorities.

Holding such debt, particularly if some of it was or is coming due, could potentially give Russian banks some leverage over Trump, especially if they are state-owned, said a second USA official familiar with Russian intelligence methods.

Mueller's probe, established on May 17, is mandated to continue the FBI investigation into the Russian government's alleged efforts to interfere with the 2016 USA presidential election. The one exception was Deutsche Bank, to which Trump owed $364 million as of the end of past year.

Deutsche Bank is not the only Trump-related business interest that is attracting the attention of investigators.

Opponents and some reports have suggested that Trump's businesses are the terminus for billions of dollars in illicit money, funneled out of Russian Federation or the East, through intermediaries, and into properties connected with the Trump real estate empire.

CNN Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju tweeted that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee actually blocked the Trump finances subpoena, refusing to order Deutsche Bank to hand over the Trump Organization's financial records.

In November, several Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives also introduced a resolution calling on Mueller to resign, saying he never disclosed to Congress the details of a bribery case involving the subsidiary of a Russian company that purchased U.S. uranium mines during his tenure as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "I have tried to be fully transparent".

Mr Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russian Federation, calling the allegations a "witch hunt".

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