Iowa fans revel in keeping Ohio State out of College Football Playoff

Kelley Robertson
December 4, 2017

Urban Meyer's group made a play become the first two-loss semifinalist after Ohio State fell to No. 2 Oklahoma in September and to Iowa in November. After Saturday's conference championship games, the question was whether the committee would value better wins and a conference title (Ohio State) or fewer losses and perhaps a more convincing eye test (Alabama).

Granting the Crimson Tide a chance to compete in the playoff just encourages the nation's perennial bullies - Ohio State could later be one of them - to optimize their schedule for blowout wins over more exciting games. "We'll let everybody else argue about who should and shouldn't have been, but what we know right now is that we have a great ball game coming up on January 1". "We had a tough loss - two losses, but I think that was the toughest one", Meyer said.

In the four seasons of the College Football Playoff, there has never been a two-loss program make the four-team field, including a deserving Big Ten champion Penn State last season.

OSU finished with a record of 11-2. Clemson is making its third appearance. The Crimson Tide, on the other hand, lost last weekend to their rival Auburn and didn't even make their conference championship game.

Associated Press
Associated Press

Sugar Bowl COO Jeff Hundley called the matchup a "home run" for the bowl game which serves as the Championship game qualifier for the second time since the College Football Playoff's inception in 2014.

OSU was ranked fifth in the final College Football Playoff rankings. Oklahoma's resume only improved since then, with wins over Oklahoma State, TCU (twice, including in the Big 12 Championship), and West Virginia. Well, we found out the answer Sunday afternoon.

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