Google Launches New App To Help Minimise Data Usage

Kelley Robertson
December 1, 2017

Alphabets Google launched an app called Datally on Wednesday, created to help Android smartphone users manage mobile data consumption and find public Wi-Fi sources. It's also got a Wi-Fi finder to help users locate an available network to save on mobile data. The company has made app available on the Google Play Store by today itself.

Additionally, if you don't want to block every app from using background data, Datally will let you go in and control data usage on an app by app basis. Additionally, you can rate the Wi-Fi hotspot for other users so they can better understand if it's fast or stable. "It's like a speedometer for your data", Google said. You can find the capabilities in Android settings, but putting them into one app makes it easier for users to find and use them. It is an internal effort of the tech giant to make internet services available to users in the developing markets where technology infrastructure is not as high-speed or low-priced as developed markets such as the United States and Western Europe.

Datally is a new app from Google that will track your data usage, as well as restrict apps from accessing data easily on an app by app basis.

According to Ehimuan-Chiazor, the app is a technology built to tackle some of the challenges being faced by internet users of the emerging market. You won't get push notifications nor will the apps refresh content in the background. You can view where your data is headed via this app.

Data Saver: - Save up to 30% of mobile data* through controlling data usage on an app-by-app. The menu should also show data usage by application, which should provide some insight into what apps are eating more than their fair share of the data pie.

The app, which takes up just 6MB of space, is designed for Android users who are limited by monthly data caps on their mobile plans-a limitation that still affects millions of Americans and many smartphone users around the world. The difference, though, is that this standalone app is much more direct and user friendly.

When it comes to having greater control over your smartphone's data usage, savvy users can still manage to dig deeper and sort things out. And to stay true to its goal, Google has also given it the ability to find WiFi hotspots you can connect to.

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