Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Be Available Later This Week

Muriel Hammond
November 21, 2017

Over the weekend, Nintendo revealed that everyone will get to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS and Android devices from November 22. It's free to play, and focused on being played in real-time, with quests and items refreshing every few hours to encourage players to come back. The official worldwide release date has now been confirmed for November 22nd, just a couple days away.

Animal Crossing has proven incredibly popular in recent years, and it seems this mobile release maintains its best qualities without sacrificing too much with its new F2P model. For example, in the forest area, you can catch bugs, and you can fish in the river area.

Since it is a mobile game and not a full new Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, it is not exactly the same kind of game as the ones you may have played on GameCube or Nintendo 3DS. The major hook of Animal Crossing is each game works according to the real world clock, so certain activities and events are only accessible at specific times on specific days.

Have you heard the news?

Available on iOS and Android devices, Pocket Camp will allow players to rove around in their camper vans, making friends, acquiring knick-knacks - all that good Animal Crossing stuff. The game also gives you access to a camper that sort of acts like a smaller house that you can decorate.

Excited to play Animal Crossing mobile game? If players would rather not use real money, then they can still get the tickets through playing the game normally.

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