Company: Pipeline spill controlled and no public threat

Saul Bowman
November 20, 2017

The Keystone XL project would move crude oil from Alberta, Canada, across Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines feeding refineries along the Gulf Coast.

The property line of a cattle ranch along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route on October 12, 2014 outside Winner, South Dakota.

"TransCanada (TSX, NYSE: TRP) crews safely shut down its Keystone pipeline at approximately 6 a.m. CST (5 a.m. MST) after a drop in pressure was detected in its operating system resulting from an oil leak that is under investigation". There have been no reports of the oil entering any waterways or water systems at this time. However, she stated, "This is not a little spill from any perspective".

The spill gave further ammunition to environmental groups and other USA opponents of another pipeline the company has proposed, the long-delayed Keystone XL. Spotted Eagle told Indian Country Today that the spill, though tragic, was not surprising. "There is nothing I think is safe about this". "Seriously if these people do not take this little nudge from the Great Mystery, they are going to go to that place that starts with a 'H.' If they don't have a grandchild that they are not concerned about, then they do not have a heart".

New oil pipelines need state approval as well as federal, and Nebraska's Public Service Commission is to vote in the next few days over whether to allow Keystone XL to proceed across the state. "Following that we are going to have a press conference at 11:15 am with tribal leaders and other leaders", she said.

Nebraska state officials say an oil spill from the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota won't affect their decision to approve or deny a route for the related Keystone XL project.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude ended up $1.41, or 2.6 percent, at $56.55 a barrel.

TransCanada Keystone pipeline leaks 795000 litres of crude oil in South Dakota

TransCanada itself has suggested that there might not be enough commercial support for the pipeline to justify its construction - the pipeline was first proposed at a time when estimates suggested that the price of oil would never fall below $100 a barrel throughout the lifetime of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Spotted Eagle said regardless of its location, it isn't positive. In a statement, Chairman Flute said, "We are monitoring the situation as this leak is adjacent to our reservation".

Landowners are hoping that no more leaks are found, but know that only time will tell.

Notley said there had been "a marked decrease in these types of incidents" because of improvements in safety protocols and with new pipeline infrastructure, adding that the global record of pipeline safety is "improving every day".

"If those commissioners in Nebraska care anything about their state, their people and their grandchildren and children to come, they would turn it down in a heartbeat", she said. Tribes are not opposed to development, they often welcome it.

Crews are continuing to clean up what is considered the largest oil spill in South Dakota history.

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