Clinton 'The Worst (and Biggest) Loser of All Time'

Saul Bowman
November 20, 2017

"Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!" the president posted to Twitter.

Trump's tweet came the day after Mother Jones published an interview with Clinton in which she said that "there are lots of questions" about the legitimacy of last year's election.

President Donald Trump has called his 2016 Presidential rival Hillary Clinton '...the worst (and biggest) loser of all time.

She also singled out Wisconsin, a state she lost, and accused Republicans there of voter suppression through things like voter ID laws, which require voters to show identification to vote. "And we don't have a method for contesting that in our system".

President Donald Trump dishes out some of the strongest words he's ever had for Hillary Clinton. She called for an independent commission to investigate the matter. In the first debate, Clinton said that she supported democracy and would accept the results of the election.

Look at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump, who have not done any of that, "snapped the former Democratic presidential candidate. But I certainly will support the outcome of this election", Clinton said.

Both Trump and Clinton have continued to lob criticisms of one another long after the election.

The Russians used "weaponized false information" in "a very successful disinformation campaign" that "wasn't just influencing voters - it was determining the outcome", Clinton told the publication in an interview in Manhattan.

"They are delivering partisan advocacy positions irrespective of the truth, the facts, the evidence", Clinton said.

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