'Wonder Woman 2' With Gal Gadot Moves To November 2019

Oscar Cross
November 16, 2017

How much does Rattner stand to lose if Gadot gets her way?

The original Wonder Woman flick was a smashing success at it was released in June of this year with a worldwide gross of almost $822 million ($412 million domestically). Not that Wonder Woman needs any help getting financing; it's already proved itself, just like Gadot.

RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Warner Bros. appear to be obligated to their current co-financing agreement through spring of 2018, according to that report.

"She also knows that Warner Bros. has to side with her on this issue as it develops", a source told Page Six.

Best known as a director, Ratner is also a principal in RatPac-Dune Entertainment - which has financed numerous movies for Warner Bros. including the three recent DCEU films - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman - as well as this week's Justice League.

The 32-year-old actress is said to have given Warner Bros.an ultimatum because she's unhappy about the idea of working with the movie mogul again after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

"He walked out. with his belly sticking out, no trousers on, shrimp cocktail in one hand and he was furiously masturbating in the other", she told the Los Angeles Times.

Assuming the Page Six report is indeed true, it's not surprising to see Gadot try and force Ratner out of Wonder Woman's orbit, as the actress recently backed out of an appearance at a event where she was set to present Ratner with an award.

The Page Six report says that Gadot and Ratner's reps declined comment, while a representative of Warner Brothers responded "False".

The original date for the flick was supposed to be on December 13, 2019. Ratner has vehemently denied the allegations through his attorney, Marty Singer.

"'You should f-ck her to make her realise she's gay.' He said this about me during a cast and crew "meet and greet" before we began filming, X-Men: The Last Stand", Ellen wrote on Facebook.

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